WoodCat-WT EN

With the new platform „WoodCat-WT“ (weight ticket), electronic weight data of the customer can be compared with the delivery data of the supplier.



  • The transport order data is read in as an XML file
  • A transport order with a QR code is handed over which allows the data to be accessed
  • The weighing data is imported into a local database (WoodCat-Local)
    Formats such as Excel, CSV and XML can be processed in the system „WoodCat-Local“.
  • The original weighing certificate can be included as a PDF and thus made available to all business partners centrally
  • The released data in WoodCat-Local will be handed over to WoodCat-WT and linked to the transport order data
  • The result is transmitted to the supplier (hauliers, customers) in XML format