WoodCat EN

Our past belongs in the wood industry. As a special product we therefore offer the unique article number „wood“ based on the German standard ELDAT.

WoodCat defines the unique article code for „wood“, which derives from the characteristics:


  • Wood species (based on EU standard EN13556)
  • Class – rough classification, umbrella term (lumber, industrial wood, recycling, etc.)
  • Use class – subclass (wood chips, OSB, MDF, sawdust, pallets, rods, etc.)
  • Certificates (PEFC, FSC, Naturland …)
  • Quality – Classification according to the grades
  • Billing length
  • Bark condition (with / without bark, etc.)
  • Strength class (diameter, middle strength, Heilbronner, etc.)

and is 100% ELDAT compliant. Other national standards can be easily assigned. FHPDAT (Austria) is shown, IFIS (Switzerland) is integrated

WoodCat is a registered trademark of the European Union.




With WoodCat the articles are offered as „catalogue software“ and facilitate the connection to the own enterprise resource planning.

webservicesas a Web-Service


or as a online tool