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In order to be able to accompany the complex value-added chain from the standing tree to the finished product / object with electronically readable data, EDP systems must on the one hand be able to write and read standards – but also data must be standardised and exchanged in a uniform format.

Based on the ELDAT standard, we have created tools and standards to make „Wood 4.0“ realistic:

WoodCat is the „item number wood“ that further refines the standard ELDAT


EUPar defines the business partners who have agreed on the Facebook / XING model that they are „friends“ („Parfriends“) and want to work together more ….

WoodCat-Mobile is an application (Windows and Android – iOS+WindowsMobile planned) with which pile data can be captured. The business partners are defined in EUPar, the application works on the basis of the „wood article number“ = WoodCat

The data collected in this way is converted into ELDAT 2.1, a simple card is created for each pile and sent to the author by e-mail.    more…..


The platform „WoodCat-WT“ (weight ticket) allows an electronic data exchange for deliveries which the customer accepts by weight.



The „WoodCat-Inv“ (inventory) platform enables the commissioning of an inventory survey in the woodland (analogous to the transport order from WoodCat-WT) and feedback of the current pile data with WoodCat-Mobile (or other tools)


Two tools are available for checking the files from the supplier:

  • ELDAT-Analyzer – checks and displays the structure of pile (HLA) and characteristics of the material masters on this pile (HLE)
  • WoodCat-Convert – a programme that converts material definitions into a WoodCat-compliant article number according to a set of rules