WoodCat-Mobile EN

WoodCat-Mobile is an application for the collection of wood storage bins (piles) based on the WoodCat standards (wood article number) and EUPar (business partner master data)

The programme creates an interface file in the standard format ELDAT Version 2.1  (KWF Deutschland)




  • The „supplier“ (collector with WoodCat-Mobile) must be registered as a business partner in EUPar
  • The user of the application must be created as a „contact“ with an email address (minimum requirement) under this supplier
  • The application can be used for all „customers“ who are accredited for the system. This accreditation requires an EUPar registration. The supplier must agree this connection (Parfriend)


  • The programme is offered on the basis of Windows + Browser
    We recommend using the browsers „Chrome“ or „Firefox
  • WoodCat-Mobile is currently available on Android smartphones / tablets
  • Via GooglePlay (Android)
  • iOS (Apple) can be installed via „Apple Store“
    The app can be downloaded and used via „search“ and „WoodCat“
    The operating system is rather slow – we recommend Android

Calling up the Windows version

You need an EUPar + user to test (workflow)
See operating instructions



Operating Instructions
in the „Flip“ format, a service of IT-Hausverstand
the output of the logs and maps is done in this format



Presentation (German)
Overall process with audio support
WoodCat-Mobile/Holz-4.0 was nominated among the 6 best projects for the Austrian IT and Consulting Award Constantinus 2017 in the category „Industry 4.0“.